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A & P Aircraft Maintenance, Inc.

Established in 1972.

With over 40 years of aircraft maintenance, we are the oldest repair shop on Long Island with the same original owner.

A leader in aircraft inspection, repair, modifications, recovery and restorations for single and twin engine aircraft, charter 135, to airlines Part 121. The only on call maintenance/contract provider for all the airlines servicing the Long Island MacArthur Airport since 2003.

We are the full service facility providing airframe and engine work. Inpections, repair, interiors, major and minor sheet metal structural repairs, ` windows, windshield replacement and minor painting.

We are a Certified Installation Center for AM-SAFE inflatable seat belts.

We stock an extensive inventory of parts including oil coolers, cylinders, alternators and starters.

From top overhauls to engine changes, from oxygen servicing to nitrogen capabilities, our maintenance staff will do whatever it takes to make you happy and safe.

Our work is done by mechanics licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Accident reporting is made to the NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board.

Contact our sister company A & P Aviation Consulting for any Aviation Expert Consulting needs.

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